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User Management

For now, Tube Archivist is a single user application. You can create multiple users with different names and passwords, they will share the same videos and permissions but some interface configurations are on a per user basis. More is on the roadmap.


The first user gets created with the environment variables TA_USERNAME and TA_PASSWORD from your docker-compose file. That first user will automatically have superuser privileges.

Admin Interface

When logged in from your superuser account, you are able to access the admin interface from the settings page or at /admin/. This interface holds all functionality for user management.

Create additional users

From the admin interface when you click on Accounts you will get a list of all users. From there you can create additional users by clicking on Add Account, provide a name and confirm password and click on Save to create the user.

Changing users

You can delete or change permissions and password of a user by clicking on the username from the Accounts list page and follow the interface from there. Changing the password of the superuser here will overwrite the password originally set with the environment variables.


Delete all user configurations by deleting the file cache/db.sqlite3 and restart the container. This will create the superuser again from the environment variables.

NOTE: Future improvements here will most likely require such a reset.