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TubeArchivist API

Documentation of available API endpoints.


  • This is very early stages and will change!
  • Check the commit history to see if a documented feature is already in your release


API token will get automatically created, accessible on the settings page. Token needs to be passed as an authorization header with every request. Additionally session based authentication is enabled too: When you are logged into your TubeArchivist instance, you'll have access to the api in the browser for testing.

Curl example:

curl -v /api/video/<video-id>/ \
    -H "Authorization: Token xxxxxxxxxx"

Python requests example:

import requests

url = "/api/video/<video-id>/"
headers = {"Authorization": "Token xxxxxxxxxx"}
response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)


The list views return a paginate object with the following keys:

  • page_size: int current page size set in config
  • page_from: int first result idx
  • prev_pages: array of ints of previous pages, if available
  • current_page: int current page from query
  • max_hits: reached: bool if max of 10k results is reached
  • last_page: int of last page link
  • next_pages: array of ints of next pages
  • total_hits: int total results

Pass page number as a query parameter: page=2. Defaults to 0, page=1 is redundant and falls back to 0. If a page query doesn't return any results, you'll get HTTP 404 Not Found.

Login View

Return token and user ID for username and password:
POST /api/login

    "username": "tubearchivist",
    "password": "verysecret"

after successful login returns

    "token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "user_id": 1

Video List View


Video Item View


Video Progress View


Progress is stored for each user.

Get last player position of a video

GET /api/video/<video_id>/progress

    "youtube_id": "<video_id>",
    "user_id": 1,
    "position": 100

Post player position of video

POST /api/video/<video_id>/progress

    "position": 100

Delete player position of video

DELETE /api/video/<video_id>/progress

Sponsor Block View


Integrate with sponsorblock

Get list of segments

GET /api/video/<video_id>/sponsor/

Vote on existing segment

This only simulates the request
POST /api/video/<video_id>/sponsor/

    "vote": {
        "uuid": "<uuid>",
        "yourVote": 1

yourVote needs to be int: 0 for downvote, 1 for upvote, 20 to undo vote

Create new segment

This only simulates the request
POST /api/video/<video_id>/sponsor/

    "segment": {
        "startTime": 5,
        "endTime": 10

Timestamps either int or float, end time can't be before start time.

Channel List View


Subscribe to a list of channels

POST /api/channel/

    "data": [
        {"channel_id": "UC9-y-6csu5WGm29I7JiwpnA", "channel_subscribed": true}

Channel Item View


Channel Videos View


Playlist List View


Playlists Item View


Playlist Videos View


Download Queue List View

GET /api/download/


  • filter: pending, ignore

Add list of videos to download queue

POST /api/download/

    "data": [
        {"youtube_id": "NYj3DnI81AQ", "status": "pending"}

Delete download queue items by filter

DELETE /api/download/?filter=ignore
DELETE /api/download/?filter=pending

Download Queue Item View

GET /api/download/<video_id>/
POST /api/download/<video_id>/

Ignore video in download queue:

    "status": "ignore"

Add to queue previously ignored video:

    "status": "pending"

DELETE /api/download/<video_id>/
Forget or delete from download queue

Ping View

Validate your connection with the API
GET /api/ping

When valid returns message with user id:

    "response": "pong",
    "user": 1

Task View

GET /api/task/ POST /api/task/

Check if there is an ongoing task: GET /api/task/


    "rescan": false,
    "downloading": false

Start a background task
POST /api/task/

    "run": "task_name"

List of valid task names:

  • download_pending: Start the download queue
  • rescan_pending: Rescan your subscriptions

Check your youtube cookie settings
GET /api/cookie/

    "cookie_enabled": true

POST /api/cookie/
Send empty post request to validate cookie.

    "cookie_validated": true

PUT /api/cookie/
Send put request containing the cookie as a string:

    "cookie": "your-cookie-as-string"

Imports and validates cookie, returns on success:

    "cookie_import": "done",
    "cookie_validated": true

Or returns status code 400 on failure:

    "cookie_import": "fail",
    "cookie_validated": false