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simon 2cf30e1127
refactor: default set_message in RedisArchivist to True 4 months ago
simon 3a21690309
implement post_process_updated for settings, import cookie 5 months ago
simon 31378ac756
better generic schedule validator for impossible input, #209 6 months ago
simon 6a1cb15114
validate hours to not be greater than 23, #209 6 months ago
simon b1a7a6a148
use cleaned_data for config form parser 6 months ago
simon 87b72a571d
simplify reading json files 8 months ago
simon 2fc0cbacf5
update doc strings to represent new module structure 9 months ago
simon 0fc0cc8e87
major refactor, split up modules 9 months ago
simon 1a95797997
improve scheduler validation with regex, #126 9 months ago
simon a500f9ec63
add notifications and error messages to settings page 10 months ago
simon 21f70493bb
add scheduler config to regular redis config 10 months ago
simon 0b0634273a
validate form entries, set auto sensible default 10 months ago
simon b2861e0369
ScheduleBuilder config class for celery beat 10 months ago
simon a8ded25b35 userspace color 11 months ago
simon a4397b5204 validate settings form and userspace archive page_size 11 months ago
simon 254c518505 basic auth for elasticsearch 11 months ago
simon 58efe64c5d make chown command optional by omitting HOST_UID and HOST_GID, #58 12 months ago
simon f5a56fca86 refactored redis functions into dedicated RedisArchivist class 1 year ago
simon 2433e0e7d8 linting everything in black 1 year ago
simon 4b9acd4c51 load new defaults from config.json #21 1 year ago
simon dc9fd72cde minimal viable product 1 year ago