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simon 98366f1051
update tubearchivist-es
3 weeks ago
simon 41c530e994
update es version
2 months ago
simon 97e9d6f8ce
add path.repo env var to es container
3 months ago
simon 2dea0aa57b
bump archivist-es
4 months ago
simon bcb7b9443b
bump tubearchivist-es
5 months ago
simon 93dc38e829
bump tubearchivist-es to 8.3.3
6 months ago
simon 09f3ce0109
add TA_HOST and ES8 documentation
7 months ago
simon 6d59da4c86
remove redundant latest tags
7 months ago
simon 5bc67104ea
set restart policy to unless-stopped
7 months ago
simon de8b7d6b43
bump ES version
7 months ago
simon ca13ddec26
update es version
9 months ago
simon 3d16954c79
change to tubearchivist-es, add comments
10 months ago
simon c9399f61d0
bump es version
11 months ago
schizovivek 70506ad8f6
add comment for redis rejson to use arm64 fork created by bbilly1 (#178)
12 months ago
simon 4e2d0fa464
bump es version
1 year ago
Sean 8410b9310f
feat(docker): uses named volumes in docker-compose (#133)
1 year ago
simon 6d16d75ef9
bump es version
1 year ago
simon eb5483c6b2
bumb es version
1 year ago
simon 3cc5db7ad1
use TZ environ for scheduler
1 year ago
simon 5401722d88
bump versions
1 year ago
simon 254c518505 basic auth for elasticsearch
1 year ago
simon 50396a666d use expose instead of publish
1 year ago
simon 3526d62540 custom user models for admin login
1 year ago
simon 528938942a update docs for v0.0.6 take 2
1 year ago
simon 85eaac0b57 bumping versions for new release
1 year ago
simon dc9fd72cde minimal viable product
1 year ago