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simon 1479516689
Reimagining the channel pages, #build 16 hours ago
simon 831e59a626
bump django 16 hours ago
simon 6e012383ab
toggle playlist subscribed filter 16 hours ago
simon e988192343
add channel_id_about subheading 17 hours ago
simon ef3abd01b1
implement channel_id_playlist, handle channel_id_about post 17 hours ago
simon e664338845
implement basic channel_id_about view 21 hours ago
simon 63a1237683
temporarily disable es version check for testing 21 hours ago
simon 6d59da4c86
remove redundant latest tags 2 days ago
simon 5bc67104ea
set restart policy to unless-stopped 2 days ago
simon 72ec78e011
browser extension as prefered cookie sync method 2 days ago
simon de8b7d6b43
bump ES version 2 days ago
simon 048409bb1e
bump TA_VERSION to v0.1.7 2 days ago
simon efff4cd96d
change cookie documentation for v0.1.7 2 days ago
simon 78d7947a5c
a note about subtitle refresh, #260 2 days ago
simon c132a37f03
bump dependencies 2 days ago
simon 4678a7507b
bump dependencies 5 days ago
simon e8e240c89b
Startup fix, cookie improvements, #build 1 week ago
simon 1857ac44ca
fix tablet css breakpoints and grid spacing 1 week ago
simon 8c07932071
delete cookie:valid key when revoking 2 weeks ago
simon 74d74d95a1
store validation result, return in API 2 weeks ago
simon b4add20d10
bump yt-dlp 2 weeks ago
Dave Shoreman e9619c1242
Fix repeated superuser creations after rename/removal (#263) 2 weeks ago
simon 49d33a2765
Improved Cookie handeling, #build 2 weeks ago
simon ecc58f6c11
API: note about release lagging behind 2 weeks ago
simon e5f43e5fe9
API: implement cookie PUT request to import cookie 2 weeks ago
simon 499c47c7a1
move set_cookie to separate method for reusabliity 2 weeks ago
simon 2cf30e1127
refactor: default set_message in RedisArchivist to True 3 weeks ago
simon ebfc4a349f
center title and tiles 3 weeks ago
simon 150c1dc273
add tiles to readme 3 weeks ago
simon 30abbe9be7
rewrite cookie into redis from io stream, auto validate 3 weeks ago
simon 40e4ef0e05
auto expire redis connections after 3600secs 3 weeks ago
simon 2ceb1b701a
consolidate config of cookie revoke 3 weeks ago
simon 2ad093a9a8
handle cookiejar.LoadError dont import invalid cookie 3 weeks ago
simon 09a94d0df5
set relative values directly with path arg 3 weeks ago
simon f7f4ca7728
API update, #build 3 weeks ago
simon 83a90000c6
bump base image 3 weeks ago
lamusmaser bbb16bb3c2
Update TaskAPIView with GET - #257 PR (#258) 3 weeks ago
simon 4d9ee4494f
bump requests 3 weeks ago
simon eeeabca8c2
bump dependencies 4 weeks ago
simon bb0f3dad1a
update roadmap 1 month ago
simon 9c0c263fce
new docker build for build server task 1 month ago
simon aed2d34149 Merge branch 'testing' for release v0.1.6 1 month ago
simon 3504408e70
update TA_VERSION to v0.1.6 1 month ago
simon 41b3e06f73
update docs for v0.1.6 1 month ago
simon c41f0a7cc4
try to LOAD_TRUNCATED_IMAGES, #256 1 month ago
simon 19d9af821d
grid row ui improvements, #build 1 month ago
simon 5d262d7d48
skip cookie if no config added to YtWrap 1 month ago
simon 231ac1e012
make channel matching optional for reusability 1 month ago
simon cbb714c235
show grid count controls only if applicable 1 month ago
simon c93e935b9c
move delete download queue button to settings page 1 month ago