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simon f848e73251
HOTFIX: default bitrate, #415 3 weeks ago
simon c65fbb0b60
add filesystem rescan message 3 weeks ago
simon 95f114d817
remove leftover print statement 3 weeks ago
simon 05eac1a8ca
hotfix: skip filesystem rescan 3 weeks ago
simon ea42f0f1e3
bump TA_VERSION v0.3.6 3 weeks ago
simon 625dc357cc
fix typo 3 weeks ago
simon e94e11c456 various finetuning, RC, #build
- Added auto tag to download queue item
- Add filesystem rescan before stream extract migration
- Add channel tags to search results
- Fix migration notification logic
- Fix filesystem rescan without task
4 weeks ago
simon a9b5713629
add channel tags to searching 4 weeks ago
simon dbaa13bfb0
apply auto_start sort to dl queue 4 weeks ago
simon 5d0d050149
fix channel reindex flow 4 weeks ago
simon c327e94726
add filesystem rescan to video migration 4 weeks ago
simon 774780d520
fix filesystem rescan without task 4 weeks ago
simon 5e1167743f
fix migration notification logic 4 weeks ago
simon 4376b826c4
add auto tag to video in queue 4 weeks ago
simon 0fef751ab5 new channel parser, extractor lang, #build
- Changed channel metadata extractor to yt-dlp
- Added channel tags
- Added extractor lang config
4 weeks ago
simon 206921baf0
add unstable footer 4 weeks ago
simon 0d2d3353a9
add extractor lang, #316 4 weeks ago
simon b47687535a
undo faulty channel sync to videos 4 weeks ago
simon e092a29b13
bump libs 4 weeks ago
simon 170839362e
fix ignoring progress message when not initiated with task 4 weeks ago
simon b95a659396
fix empty channel_subs parsing 4 weeks ago
simon 2b66786728
switch channel index to yt-dlp, index tags 4 weeks ago
simon b7bfeaf215
add channel tags to mapping 4 weeks ago
simon cf37800c2b Index media metadata, #build
- Added stream and coded details
- Added channel aggregations
- Added autostart download
- Added members only playlist support
- Added yt-dlp format sort option
1 month ago
simon 5cc642098d
remove old migration 1 month ago
simon 7c01ad88b2
fix startup MediaStreamExtractor error handling 1 month ago
simon e866bb3be5
bump libs 1 month ago
simon 63021bd313
add autostart subs to config form 1 month ago
simon cbcb7484a7 Merge branch 'feature/queue-autorun' into testing 1 month ago
Dominik Sander 1c0b407f3f
Allow to configure yt-dlp `--format-sort` argument (#471)
* Allow to configure yt-dlp `--format-sort` argument

This exposes the [`--format-sort`][1] yt-dlp option to the user.

Implements parts of #316


* Trim split values of format_sort, obey black

* Add `format_sort` to default configuration

* Add note about codec compatibility to settings page
1 month ago
simon 280c773441
add download now to form 1 month ago
simon efca460e9d
download now task handling 1 month ago
simon 8f3b832069
[API] add dl autostart query param 1 month ago
simon 9b3d1fa1fd Merge branch 'testing' into feature/queue-autorun 1 month ago
Matthew Glinski 9a38aff03d
Accept members-only/paid-content playlist IDs/URLs (#469)
This adds a new check to the playlist url_id check to allow playlist urls from subscription only content on youtube channels.

The channel I tested on had an ID length of 26 (, I am not sure if other lengths are valid here also.

I have tested this on my local install and it is downloading the members only playlist correctly as long as I have valid youtube cookies.
1 month ago
simon 06bbe2e400
fix playlist sub parser 1 month ago
simon 77900f89e3
remove legacy limit_count config 1 month ago
simon bc39561606
consolidate dl queue notification to method 1 month ago
simon 76535c6304
move add to queue to api call 1 month ago
simon 790ba3d20e
fix linter 1 month ago
simon 89779ec13b
consolidate update status priority 1 month ago
simon 1b6b219e02
modify _get_next to for auto_only attr 1 month ago
simon 5cd845e55d
fix type compatibility 1 month ago
simon 3a091ac287
implement auto_start indexing 2 months ago
simon e385331f6c
add typing 2 months ago
simon 4067b6c182
add channel aggs 2 months ago
simon 3063236634
add media stream index startup migration 2 months ago
simon a17f05ef21
index streams and file size 2 months ago
simon a4d42573ef
move DurationConverter to separate module 2 months ago
simon bf7a429dac
clarify TA_HOST 2 months ago