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Tube Archivist Documentation

This is the git repo of the official documentation for Tube Archivist - Your self hosted YouTube media server.

Additional links:

Make Changes

Please help improve these documentations. To make changes, fork this repo and make your changes. When you are ready, open a Pull Request. When merged, this will rebuild the live documentations within a few seconds.

Development Environment

To just make simple changes, edit the markdown files within mkdocs/docs direclty.

To setup a local development server:

Install requirements with pip:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

For Arch:

pacman -S python-cairosvg python-pillow
yay -S mkdocs mkdocs-material

More details: User Guide

Run the server from the mkdocs folder with:

mkdocs serve

And the site - with live reload enabled - should be available on localhost:8000.

Production environment

Build the Docker image:

docker build -t bbilly1/tubearchivist-docs .

Run the image:

docker run -p 80:80 bbilly1/tubearchivist-docs