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- interact with redis
- hold temporary download queue in redis
import json
import os
import redis
class RedisBase:
"""connection base for redis"""
REDIS_HOST = os.environ.get("REDIS_HOST")
REDIS_PORT = os.environ.get("REDIS_PORT") or 6379
NAME_SPACE = "ta:"
def __init__(self):
self.conn = redis.Redis(host=self.REDIS_HOST, port=self.REDIS_PORT)
class RedisArchivist(RedisBase):
"""collection of methods to interact with redis"""
def set_message(self, key, message, path=".", expire=False):
"""write new message to redis"""
"JSON.SET", self.NAME_SPACE + key, path, json.dumps(message)
if expire:
if isinstance(expire, bool):
secs = 20
secs = expire
self.conn.execute_command("EXPIRE", self.NAME_SPACE + key, secs)
def get_message(self, key):
"""get message dict from redis"""
reply = self.conn.execute_command("JSON.GET", self.NAME_SPACE + key)
if reply:
json_str = json.loads(reply)
json_str = {"status": False}
return json_str
def list_items(self, query):
"""list all matches"""
reply = self.conn.execute_command(
"KEYS", self.NAME_SPACE + query + "*"
all_matches = [i.decode().lstrip(self.NAME_SPACE) for i in reply]
all_results = []
for match in all_matches:
json_str = self.get_message(match)
return all_results
def del_message(self, key):
"""delete key from redis"""
response = self.conn.execute_command("DEL", self.NAME_SPACE + key)
return response
def get_lock(self, lock_key):
"""handle lock for task management"""
redis_lock = self.conn.lock(self.NAME_SPACE + lock_key)
return redis_lock
def is_locked(self, lock_key):
"""check if lock is set"""
lock_name = self.NAME_SPACE + lock_key
lock_status = bool(self.conn.execute_command("GET", lock_name))
return lock_status
def get_progress(self):
"""get a list of all progress messages"""
all_messages = []
for channel in self.CHANNELS:
key = "message:" + channel
reply = self.conn.execute_command(
"JSON.GET", self.NAME_SPACE + key
if reply:
json_str = json.loads(reply)
return all_messages
class RedisQueue(RedisBase):
"""dynamically interact with the download queue in redis"""
def __init__(self):
self.key = self.NAME_SPACE + "dl_queue"
def get_all(self):
"""return all elements in list"""
result = self.conn.execute_command("LRANGE", self.key, 0, -1)
all_elements = [i.decode() for i in result]
return all_elements
def add_list(self, to_add):
"""add list to queue"""
self.conn.execute_command("RPUSH", self.key, *to_add)
def add_priority(self, to_add):
"""add single video to front of queue"""
self.conn.execute_command("LPUSH", self.key, to_add)
def get_next(self):
"""return next element in the queue, False if none"""
result = self.conn.execute_command("LPOP", self.key)
if not result:
return False
next_element = result.decode()
return next_element
def clear(self):
"""delete list from redis"""
self.conn.execute_command("DEL", self.key)
def clear_item(self, to_clear):
"""remove single item from list if it's there"""
self.conn.execute_command("LREM", self.key, 0, to_clear)
def trim(self, size):
"""trim the queue based on settings amount"""
self.conn.execute_command("LTRIM", self.key, 0, size)