Your self hosted YouTube media server
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- reindexing old documents
- syncing updated values between indexes
- scan the filesystem to delete or index
import json
import os
import re
import shutil
import subprocess
from import PendingList
from import VideoDownloader
from import ElasticWrap
from home.src.index.reindex import Reindex
from import index_new_video
from home.src.ta.config import AppConfig
from home.src.ta.helper import clean_string, ignore_filelist
from home.src.ta.ta_redis import RedisArchivist
class FilesystemScanner:
"""handle scanning and fixing from filesystem"""
CONFIG = AppConfig().config
VIDEOS = CONFIG["application"]["videos"]
def __init__(self):
self.all_downloaded = self.get_all_downloaded()
self.all_indexed = self.get_all_indexed()
self.mismatch = None
self.to_rename = None
self.to_index = None
self.to_delete = None
def get_all_downloaded(self):
"""get a list of all video files downloaded"""
channels = os.listdir(self.VIDEOS)
all_channels = ignore_filelist(channels)
all_downloaded = []
for channel_name in all_channels:
channel_path = os.path.join(self.VIDEOS, channel_name)
channel_files = os.listdir(channel_path)
channel_files_clean = ignore_filelist(channel_files)
all_videos = [i for i in channel_files_clean if i.endswith(".mp4")]
for video in all_videos:
youtube_id = video[9:20]
all_downloaded.append((channel_name, video, youtube_id))
return all_downloaded
def get_all_indexed():
"""get a list of all indexed videos"""
index_handler = PendingList()
all_indexed = []
for video in index_handler.all_videos:
youtube_id = video["youtube_id"]
media_url = video["media_url"]
published = video["published"]
title = video["title"]
all_indexed.append((youtube_id, media_url, published, title))
return all_indexed
def list_comarison(self):
"""compare the lists to figure out what to do"""
def find_unindexed(self):
"""find video files without a matching document indexed"""
all_indexed_ids = [i[0] for i in self.all_indexed]
to_index = []
for downloaded in self.all_downloaded:
if downloaded[2] not in all_indexed_ids:
self.to_index = to_index
def find_missing(self):
"""find indexed videos without matching media file"""
all_downloaded_ids = [i[2] for i in self.all_downloaded]
to_delete = []
for video in self.all_indexed:
youtube_id = video[0]
if youtube_id not in all_downloaded_ids:
self.to_delete = to_delete
def find_bad_media_url(self):
"""rename media files not matching the indexed title"""
to_fix = []
to_rename = []
for downloaded in self.all_downloaded:
channel, filename, downloaded_id = downloaded
# find in indexed
for indexed in self.all_indexed:
indexed_id, media_url, published, title = indexed
if indexed_id == downloaded_id:
# found it
title_c = clean_string(title)
pub = published.replace("-", "")
expected_filename = f"{pub}_{indexed_id}_{title_c}.mp4"
new_url = os.path.join(channel, expected_filename)
if expected_filename != filename:
# file to rename
(channel, filename, expected_filename)
if media_url != new_url:
# media_url to update in es
to_fix.append((indexed_id, new_url))
self.mismatch = to_fix
self.to_rename = to_rename
def rename_files(self):
"""rename media files as identified by find_bad_media_url"""
for bad_filename in self.to_rename:
channel, filename, expected_filename = bad_filename
print(f"renaming [{filename}] to [{expected_filename}]")
old_path = os.path.join(self.VIDEOS, channel, filename)
new_path = os.path.join(self.VIDEOS, channel, expected_filename)
os.rename(old_path, new_path)
def send_mismatch_bulk(self):
"""build bulk update"""
bulk_list = []
for video_mismatch in self.mismatch:
youtube_id, media_url = video_mismatch
print(f"{youtube_id}: fixing media url {media_url}")
action = {"update": {"_id": youtube_id, "_index": "ta_video"}}
source = {"doc": {"media_url": media_url}}
# add last newline
data = "\n".join(bulk_list)
_, _ = ElasticWrap("_bulk").post(data=data, ndjson=True)
def delete_from_index(self):
"""find indexed but deleted mediafile"""
for indexed in self.to_delete:
youtube_id = indexed[0]
print(f"deleting {youtube_id} from index")
path = f"ta_video/_doc/{youtube_id}"
_, _ = ElasticWrap(path).delete()
class ManualImport:
"""import and indexing existing video files"""
CONFIG = AppConfig().config
CACHE_DIR = CONFIG["application"]["cache_dir"]
IMPORT_DIR = os.path.join(CACHE_DIR, "import")
def __init__(self):
self.identified = self.import_folder_parser()
def import_folder_parser(self):
"""detect files in import folder"""
import_files = os.listdir(self.IMPORT_DIR)
to_import = ignore_filelist(import_files)
video_files = [i for i in to_import if not i.endswith(".json")]
identified = []
for file_path in video_files:
file_dict = {"video_file": file_path}
file_name, _ = os.path.splitext(file_path)
matching_json = [
for i in to_import
if i.startswith(file_name) and i.endswith(".json")
if matching_json:
json_file = matching_json[0]
youtube_id = self.extract_id_from_json(json_file)
file_dict.update({"json_file": json_file})
youtube_id = self.extract_id_from_filename(file_name)
file_dict.update({"json_file": False})
file_dict.update({"youtube_id": youtube_id})
return identified
def extract_id_from_filename(file_name):
look at the file name for the youtube id
expects filename ending in [<youtube_id>].<ext>
id_search ="\[([a-zA-Z0-9_-]{11})\]$", file_name)
if id_search:
youtube_id =
return youtube_id
print("failed to extract youtube id for: " + file_name)
raise Exception
def extract_id_from_json(self, json_file):
"""open json file and extract id"""
json_path = os.path.join(self.CACHE_DIR, "import", json_file)
with open(json_path, "r", encoding="utf-8") as f:
json_content =
youtube_id = json.loads(json_content)["id"]
return youtube_id
def process_import(self):
"""go through identified media files"""
all_videos_added = []
for media_file in self.identified:
json_file = media_file["json_file"]
video_file = media_file["video_file"]
youtube_id = media_file["youtube_id"]
video_path = os.path.join(self.CACHE_DIR, "import", video_file)
self.move_to_cache(video_path, youtube_id)
# identify and archive
vid_dict = index_new_video(youtube_id)
youtube_id = vid_dict["youtube_id"]
thumb_url = vid_dict["vid_thumb_url"]
all_videos_added.append((youtube_id, thumb_url))
# cleanup
if os.path.exists(video_path):
if json_file:
json_path = os.path.join(self.CACHE_DIR, "import", json_file)
return all_videos_added
def move_to_cache(self, video_path, youtube_id):
"""move identified video file to cache, convert to mp4"""
file_name = os.path.split(video_path)[-1]
video_file, ext = os.path.splitext(file_name)
# make sure youtube_id is in filename
if youtube_id not in video_file:
video_file = f"{video_file}_{youtube_id}"
# move, convert if needed
if ext == ".mp4":
new_file = video_file + ext
dest_path = os.path.join(self.CACHE_DIR, "download", new_file)
shutil.move(video_path, dest_path)
print(f"processing with ffmpeg: {video_file}")
new_file = video_file + ".mp4"
dest_path = os.path.join(self.CACHE_DIR, "download", new_file)
def scan_filesystem():
"""grouped function to delete and update index"""
filesystem_handler = FilesystemScanner()
if filesystem_handler.to_rename:
print("renaming files")
if filesystem_handler.mismatch:
print("fixing media urls in index")
if filesystem_handler.to_delete:
print("delete metadata from index")
if filesystem_handler.to_index:
print("index new videos")
for missing_vid in filesystem_handler.to_index:
youtube_id = missing_vid[2]
def reindex_old_documents():
"""daily refresh of old documents"""
handler = Reindex()