Your self hosted YouTube media server
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- base class to make all calls to yt-dlp
- handle yt-dlp errors
import os
from http import cookiejar
from io import StringIO
import yt_dlp
from home.src.ta.ta_redis import RedisArchivist
class YtWrap:
"""wrap calls to yt"""
"default_search": "ytsearch",
"quiet": True,
"check_formats": "selected",
"socket_timeout": 2,
def __init__(self, obs_request, config=False):
self.obs_request = obs_request
self.config = config
def build_obs(self):
"""build yt-dlp obs"""
self.obs = self.OBS_BASE.copy()
if self.config:
def add_cookie(self):
"""add cookie if enabled"""
if self.config["downloads"]["cookie_import"]:
cookie_io = CookieHandler(self.config).get()
self.obs["cookiefile"] = cookie_io
def download(self, url):
"""make download request"""
with yt_dlp.YoutubeDL(self.obs) as ydl:
except yt_dlp.utils.DownloadError:
print(f"{url}: failed to download.")
return False
return True
def extract(self, url):
"""make extract request"""
response = yt_dlp.YoutubeDL(self.obs).extract_info(url)
except cookiejar.LoadError:
print("cookie file is invalid")
return False
except (yt_dlp.utils.ExtractorError, yt_dlp.utils.DownloadError):
print(f"{url}: failed to get info from youtube")
return False
return response
class CookieHandler:
"""handle youtube cookie for yt-dlp"""
def __init__(self, config):
self.cookie_io = False
self.config = config
def get(self):
"""get cookie io stream"""
cookie = RedisArchivist().get_message("cookie")
self.cookie_io = StringIO(cookie)
return self.cookie_io
def import_cookie(self):
"""import cookie from file"""
cache_path = self.config["application"]["cache_dir"]
import_path = os.path.join(cache_path, "import", "")
with open(import_path, encoding="utf-8") as cookie_file:
cookie =
print("cookie: import successful")
def set_cookie(self, cookie):
"""set cookie str and activate in cofig"""
RedisArchivist().set_message("cookie", cookie)
path = ".downloads.cookie_import"
RedisArchivist().set_message("config", True, path=path)
self.config["downloads"]["cookie_import"] = True
print("cookie: activated and stored in Redis")
def revoke():
"""revoke cookie"""
"config", False, path=".downloads.cookie_import"
print("cookie: revoked")
def validate(self):
"""validate cookie using the liked videos playlist"""
print("validating cookie")
obs_request = {
"skip_download": True,
"extract_flat": True,
validator = YtWrap(obs_request, self.config)
response = validator.extract("LL")
# update in redis to avoid expiring
modified = validator.obs["cookiefile"].getvalue()
if modified:
RedisArchivist().set_message("cookie", modified)
if not response:
mess_dict = {
"status": "message:download",
"level": "error",
"title": "Cookie validation failed, exiting...",
"message": "",
"message:download", mess_dict, expire=4
print("cookie validation failed, exiting...")
return bool(response)