Your self hosted YouTube media server
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- process tasks from API
- validate
- handover to celery
from home.src.ta.ta_redis import RedisArchivist
from home.tasks import download_pending, update_subscribed
class TaskHandler:
"""handle tasks from api"""
def __init__(self, data): = data
def run_task(self):
"""map data and run"""
task_name =["run"]
to_run = self.exec_map(task_name)
except KeyError as err:
print(f"invalid task name {task_name}")
raise ValueError from err
response = to_run()
response.update({"task": task_name})
return response
def exec_map(self, task_name):
"""map dict key and return function to execute"""
exec_map = {
"download_pending": self._download_pending,
"rescan_pending": self._rescan_pending,
return exec_map[task_name]
def _rescan_pending():
"""look for new items in subscribed channels"""
print("rescan subscribed channels")
return {"success": True}
def _download_pending():
"""start the download queue"""
print("download pending")
running = download_pending.delay()
print("set task id: " +
return {"success": True}