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## Tube Archivist on YouTube
Video featuring Tube Archivist generously created by [IBRACORP](
## Screenshots
![home screenshot](assets/tube-archivist-screenshot-home.png?raw=true "Tube Archivist Home")
*Home Page*
*Home Page*: Your recent videos, continue watching incomplete videos.
![channels screenshot](assets/tube-archivist-screenshot-channels.png?raw=true "Tube Archivist Channels")
*All Channels*
*All Channels*: A list of all your indexed channels, filtered by subscribed only.
![single channel screenshot](assets/tube-archivist-screenshot-single-channel.png?raw=true "Tube Archivist Single Channel")
*Single Channel*
*Single Channel*: Single channel page with additional metadata and sub pages.
![video page screenshot](assets/tube-archivist-screenshot-video.png?raw=true "Tube Archivist Video Page")
*Video Page*
*Video Page*: Stream your video directly from the interface.
![video page screenshot](assets/tube-archivist-screenshot-download.png?raw=true "Tube Archivist Video Page")
*Downloads Page*
*Downloads Page*: Add, control and monitor your download queue.