add ReindexManual to control reindex from API

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@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ from import PendingList
from import ThumbManager
from import CookieHandler
from import VideoDownloader
from import ElasticWrap
from import ElasticWrap, IndexPaginate
from import YoutubeChannel
from home.src.index.comments import Comments
from home.src.index.playlist import YoutubePlaylist
@ -28,18 +28,21 @@ class ReindexBase:
"index_name": "ta_video",
"index_type": "videos",
"queue_name": "reindex:ta_video",
"active_key": "active",
"refresh_key": "vid_last_refresh",
"index_name": "ta_channel",
"index_type": "channels",
"queue_name": "reindex:ta_channel",
"active_key": "channel_active",
"refresh_key": "channel_last_refresh",
"index_name": "ta_playlist",
"index_type": "playlists",
"queue_name": "reindex:ta_playlist",
"active_key": "playlist_active",
"refresh_key": "playlist_last_refresh",
@ -115,6 +118,93 @@ class ReindexOutdated(ReindexBase):
return all_ids
class ReindexManual(ReindexBase):
manually add ids to reindex queue from API
data_example = {
"videos": ["video1", "video2", "video3"],
"channels": ["channel1", "channel2", "channel3"],
"playlists": ["playlist1", "playlist2"],
extract_videos to also reindex all videos of channel/playlist
def __init__(self, extract_videos=False):
self.extract_videos = extract_videos = False
def extract_data(self, data):
"""process data""" = data
for key, values in
reindex_config = self._get_reindex_config(key)
self.process_index(reindex_config, values)
def _get_reindex_config(self, index_type):
"""get reindex config for index"""
for reindex_config in self.REINDEX_CONFIG:
if reindex_config["index_type"] == index_type:
return reindex_config
print(f"reindex type {index_type} not valid")
raise ValueError
def process_index(self, index_config, values):
"""process values per index"""
index_name = index_config["index_name"]
if index_name == "ta_video":
elif index_name == "ta_channel":
elif index_name == "ta_playlist":
def _add_videos(self, values):
"""add list of videos to reindex queue"""
if not values:
def _add_channels(self, values):
"""add list of channels to reindex queue"""
if self.extract_videos:
for channel_id in values:
all_videos = self._get_channel_videos(channel_id)
def _add_playlists(self, values):
"""add list of playlists to reindex queue"""
if self.extract_videos:
for playlist_id in values:
all_videos = self._get_playlist_videos(playlist_id)
def _get_channel_videos(self, channel_id):
"""get all videos from channel"""
data = {
"query": {"term": {"channel.channel_id": {"value": channel_id}}},
"_source": ["youtube_id"],
all_results = IndexPaginate("ta_video", data).get_results()
return [i["youtube_id"] for i in all_results]
def _get_playlist_videos(self, playlist_id):
"""get all videos from playlist"""
data = {
"query": {"term": {"playlist.keyword": {"value": playlist_id}}},
"_source": ["youtube_id"],
all_results = IndexPaginate("ta_video", data).get_results()
return [i["youtube_id"] for i in all_results]
class Reindex(ReindexBase):
"""reindex all documents from redis queue"""