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@ -99,6 +99,7 @@ You will see the current version number of **Tube Archivist** in the footer of t
- **arm64**: The Tube Archivist container is multi arch, so is Elasticsearch. RedisJSON doesn't offer arm builds, you can use `bbilly1/rejson`, an unofficial rebuild for arm64.
- **Synology**: There is a [discussion thread]( with Synology installation instructions.
- **Unraid**: The three containers needed are all in the Community Applications. First install `TubeArchivist RedisJSON` followed by `TubeArchivist ES`, and finally you can install `TubeArchivist`. If you have unraid specific issues, report those to the [support thread]( "support thread").
- **Helm Chart**: There is a Helm Chart available at Mostly self-explanatory but feel free to ask questions in the discord / subreddit.
## Potential pitfalls