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@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ Welcome, and thanks for showing interest in improving Tube Archivist!
## Table of Content
- [Next Steps](#next-steps)
- [Beta Testing](#beta-testing)
- [How to open an issue](#how-to-open-an-issue)
- [Bug Report](#bug-report)
- [Feature Request](#feature-request)
@ -25,6 +26,19 @@ Going forward, this project will focus on developing a new modern frontend.
Join us on [Discord]( if you want to help with that process.
## Beta Testing
Be the first to help test new features and improvements and provide feedback! There are regular `:unstable` builds for easy access. That's for the tinkerers and the breave. Ideally use a testing environment first, before a release be the first to install it on your main system.
There is always something that can get missed during development. Look at the commit messages tagged with `#build`, these are the unstable builds and give a quick overview what has changed.
- Test the features mentioned, play around, try to break it.
- Test the update path by installing the `:latest` release first, the upgrade to `:unstable` to check for any errors.
- Test the unstable build on a fresh install.
Then provide feedback, if there is a problem but also if there is no problem. Reach out on [Discord]( in the `#beta-testing` channel with your findings.
This will help with a smooth update for the regular release. Plus you get to test things out early!
## How to open an issue
Please read this carefully before opening any [issue]( on GitHub. Make sure you read [Next Steps](#next-steps) above.