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Get Video Player Data Using New API (#151) * Get video player data using new API * Spelling * Removed extra data from play button * Reworked createPlayer, switched functions to API * Add theme to scrollbar * Removed extra metadata from playlist page * Removed extra metadat from channel page * Reworked createPlayer, switched functions to API * Update style.css * Changed watched indicator to match createVideo() * Fixed createPlayer() watched button * Fix watched indicator duplication * Minor clean up * Removed player-wrapper background * Added video/channel info to generated player * Removed description due to textReveal() conflict * Mark video as played at 90% playback * Groundwork for saving video playback * Add half and empty stars to getStarRating() * Check videoProgress input. * Added last refresh and date published * Switched date in create functions to API * Fomatted dates to match the old format * Remove console log from formatDates() * Cleaned up error on video player close * Added check for ryd dislikes/rating * Refined ryd check * Simplified player * Added player stats css formatting * Formatting for playlist name/link * Add playlist title/link to player * Commented out no longer used code * Fix missing end `"` on video-player class * Additional playlist error checking * Change setting video progress to html method * center thumbs icon, add eye icon for watched * add playerStats builder example, change some spacing * Removed `-` before playlist, reordered cast button * Minor cleanup of unused code. * Corrected POST data formating * consolidate video api calls into one * remove redundant api calls for search result population * do some jshint * shorten unit and add K to formatNumbers Co-authored-by: simon <>
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