fix remove source file flag

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simon 2023-03-06 16:06:53 +07:00
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commit 4591a0e032
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@ -12,11 +12,11 @@ echo "------------------------------------------------------------"
printf "\n -> backup\n"
ssh $remote_host 'docker exec postgres pg_dump -U archivist | gzip > backup.gz'
printf "\n -> download\n"
rsync --progress -r --delete-after -e ssh $remote_host:backup.gz /tmp/backup.gz
rsync --progress -r --remove-source-files -e ssh $remote_host:backup.gz /tmp/backup.gz
# sync
printf "\n -> sync\n"
rsync --progress -r --delete-after /tmp/backup.gz -e ssh $local_host:backup
rsync --progress -r --remove-source-files /tmp/backup.gz -e ssh $local_host:backup
ssh $local_host 'gzip -df backup/backup.gz'
# replace